“I worked with Norman in 1995-96 during the Canada World Youth program between Hungary and British Columbia. He was the most mature, hardworking and committed of all 6 project leaders, providing mentoring, support and fantastic leadership to all project leaders, Hungarian and Canadian alike. I truly enjoyed working with Norman: we share the same high professional standards and he remained through all these years an inspiration and a role model for me. We are not only friends but now we are also business partners: he is the international consultant in my new company, Capilano Consulting, whose name was also inspired by our walk over the Capilano Suspension Bridge. He brings fresh, new ideas and a unique perspective to our business problems.”

Katalin Ertsey
Country Director - Canada World Youth;
Member of Parliament - Hungary

Tactical Outcomes | Public Engagement

Tactical Outcomes is a Public Engagement firm that helps you reach out, listen and engage people.

  • You want to create change, but you can’t do it alone.
  • You need to make an important decision, but need help engaging people.
  • You have a great idea, but it’s controversial.
  • You want to move forward, but don’t know how.

Call us - we can help you.

We believe there are few endeavours more significant than asking people for support. The arguments people believe, the causes they dedicate to, the values they share, the organisations they join, and their involvement in community, are all personal expressions of support.

We help you find the people you need. Through different forms of listening we can better understand their concerns and help you speak clearly about the issue, and ultimately help you engage them.

Maybe your government, an organization, a business or maybe a union and you need to speak to a large group of people.  Maybe you find yourself in the midst of controversy and need a solution. Or maybe you just need help preparing for a speech or a presentation.

Call us - we can help you.